Assembly at Monterey Hills Elementary School
Women in Robotics
  • There are many more women in robotics research than most people realize, yet not nearly enough.
  • Certainly there are enough women in robotics that we should:
    • Never have a robotics conference invited speaker lineup that is not 50% women.
    • Never have robotics center, department, and other seminar series that are fewer than 1/3 women speakers (in fact, aim for 1/2)
    • Never have advisory panels, boards, and related bodies that are not at least 1/3 women (in fact, aim for 1/2)
    • Never believe that there aren't women role models and mentors in robotics.
  • If you are having trouble identifying women in US robotics research, look here (or at the bottom of this page) for a list of women robotics researchers in academia in the US. I put that list together in July 2019. It’s limited in scope because that is what I can maintain with my own resources. If you’d like to see it expanded, volunteer your time and resources. When something much better and more comprehensive comes along, we can phase this list out. Until then, please spread the word, and if you want to help, let me know. I hope people will make many more such lists for other underrepresented and underrecognized groups, in robotics and beyond.
  • For example, the 2015 ICRA Conference was organized entirely by women; here is the poster of the organizers.
  • There are many great female models, mentors, advisors, and leaders in robotics, who deserve to be recognized, listened to, and celebrated. Spread the word about the list mentioned above, and shown below, and let’s recruit many more!